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2020 . 05 . 02

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1/ Managed Services by Devoteam ICE

Utilising the ServiceNow platform may bring increased complexity and create an extra demand for your internal teams. During the webinar, Devoteam ICE will introduce main challenges and how to efficiently respond to them offering the Managed Services End to end solution for the ServiceNow platform. Part of the webinar will be 10 mins Q&A. – Register HERE

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1/ ServiceNow 4 Emergency Response Apps!

During the webinar, our expert Jakub Hýl will guide you through efficient responses to the current crisis utilising ServiceNow solution and specific ServiceNow apps made to help organize safe deliveries. The webinar includes a brief introduction of 4 apps and demo of 2 use cases. – Watch HERE

2/ Speed-up your business transformation through ITBM!

The webinar will focus on the showcase of great features to facilitate remote working and business transformation through ITMB, including Devoteam Centre of Excellence (ICE) insights how to better face the current challenges and our experts’ approaches on how to go further with ServiceNow. – Watch HERE

3/ ServiceNow Automated Test Framework at scale

A lot of time is spent on making sure everything works after an upgrade, releasing new functionality or even fixing a bug. Fortunately, writing tests with ATF is easy. Unfortunately, maintaining a large base of tests is not. Let’s find out how to minimise amount of time you spend keeping your tests up to date. – Watch HERE