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2020 . 04 . 07

The purpose of this article is not to provide an exhaustive list of all accessible self-education sites but I would like to write down the list of some of them that me or my friends found really handy. From my point of view, self-investing is the best choice during this hard time, so let’s discover what we have here.

Packt Publishing

Packt offers printed versions of their books shipped to Europe, North America and selected Asian countries. In addition, they offer PDF versions of all of their books for download and also offer them in ePub and Mobi format. 

10 USD per month or 100 USD per year

Voucher: PACKTFREE – one free course

Packt Publishing


Udemy offers variable courses and workshops from cooking to hard code development in C#. It is the most used platform for ServiceNow development and REST API technologies. The platform is more based on website courses. 

Business – 20 use costs 240 USD per user per year

Enterprise – Contact the sales


One more thing!

Are you interested in api and backend development? Definitely visit BaeldungThey offer courses and development with Spring (one of the most used frameworks), Java and JSON formats. Personally, I would like to buy them a box of coffee every single day – they do a really good job.

Courses available for free

Check out Youtube and do a search by “Application name”+ “Tutorial” – from my perspective you can find there a lot of beginner courses which might be interesting but the user has to filter non actual technologies and also don’t expect advanced versions.

More platforms that are worth a try:



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