Lunch Proposer: ServiceNow Solution for hungry consultants

2019 . 09 . 27

We cannot imagine a better way of demonstrating an innovative approach and “Caring and Sharing” mindset. Check the story behind ServiceNow Lunch Proposer, created and written by our Senior Consultant Michal Hancar

Everyone likes food. And there is no better time during the workday than lunch! So to ease-up the selection process for the most important meeting of the day, I have decided to use the one and only, ServiceNow to help us in Devoteam Czech with that!

Thanks to the amazing platform capabilities, we can integrate with web servers like Zomato to get the data to the system just as fast as the food on our plate in a great restaurant. However, because we cannot fully rely on these lunch portals, sometimes we have to get the data ourselves directly from the restaurant’s webpage.

From a technical perspective, the application is built on one script include rest messages and most importantly, widgets on the Service Portal (with 2 layouts). There are some scheduled jobs which help us clean up at 6 AM each morning to prepare our stomachs for a new day.

To sum up, take a ServiceNow instance with REST and Javascript. Add a beefy code, some CSS magic, sprinkle some icons on top and we can serve!

Bon appétit

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Michal Hancar, Senior ServiceNow Consultant at Devoteam: For the past few years I have been working as a consultant. Specifically with ServiceNow platform, ranging from ITSM and integrations to Service Portal and HR Service Delivery. While I am open to learning new things and technologies, my current preference is still in ServiceNow.