Being proud of partnering with Red Hat

Red Hat has been a well-known leader in the community-developed distribution of Linux for 25 years. In the last 10 years, the company has worked continuously to move beyond distribution and become a market leader in solving bigger issues.

It is no wonder that Red Hat has become magnetic for acquisition.

Digital Transformation

Red Hat offers complete staff to support enterprises on their digitalization journey and has a portfolio built over years that they can be rightfully proud of. What is very valuable is their ability to illustrate the value their solutions offer enterprises. Customers are benefiting from enterprise-grade assurance, trustworthy experience, and innovative technology. The growth of Red Hat’s market presence has proven that their strategy is the right one.

DevOps by Red Hat

Red Hat has taken advantage of market transition towards DevOps to build a market-disruptive portfolio of open source products.

DevOps, according to Red Hat, fundamentally changes how enterprises operate and how they are delivering value to customers.

Enterprises can focus on what matters – improving how the provided services look towards the customer. While DevOps brings cultural change to strive for increasing value, ability to experiment, and deploy new versions or new products without a fear of failure, the technology brings the highly connected, flexible apps and services at break-neck speed.

What to do with Red Hat

Unlike other technology vendors, Red Hat recommends beginning with transforming the business, security, development and deployment processes. This was what I found interesting as a professional providing technology consulting for business. They bring DevOps to the development processes by automating repetitive tasks enabled by the platform.

Red Hat modernizes the business processes by service automation, from manual tasks to automated and orchestrated workflows. They involve business users to the development and enable business-critical metric analysis.

Challenged to deliver services faster, improved and more efficient, many businesses have changed to stay at the forefront of their competition. Red Hat helps reflect this change in increased productivity of the application development and demand on scalable infrastructure from the IT operations.

Red Hat takes their partners seriously and I take sincerely the Big Blue’s promise that Red Hat will continue to work as an independent unit under their wings, causing no harm to the partner ecosystem. In all honesty, for me seeing how Red Hat understands the ideas in the Digital Transformation space aligned with Devoteam’s philosophy makes me really proud to have Red Hat our key partner.


Written by Ondrej Ernyei

Solution Architect at Devoteam Czech Republic