DevOps with Agile IT Platform

Transform the way you develop and release services, to reach the agility and speed your business requires.

DevOps is a concrete answer to the main challenges of applications delivery efficiency – time to market, development short cycle, quality improvement, trust improvement, cost optimization, technology adoption – and addressed through 4 main pillars: Culture / Processes / Technology / Quality


  • DevOps Foundation & Tools Transition

    Deploy a state-of-the-art DevOps foundation with
    best-of- breed solutions
    adapted to your enterprise's ecosystems
  • Building a DevOps Culture

    Shift your organization, embrace agility through small multidisciplinary teams who work autonomously and take accountability on apps
  • Software for the Digital Age

    Benefit from our digital app factories to secure and accelerate your digital initiatives
  • Continuous Quality Assurance, Security and Monitoring as key enablers

    To safeguard continuous improvement and reduce your business risks